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Brad represents our 5th generation of breeding, our 15th UK Champion here at Chayo and is taking over the reins from his sire Bart in the show ring, having the same confidence and show presence. What an amazing boy he is, full of personality and a friend to everyone - his temperament is testament to his parents and grandparents. With a beautiful flowing movement and stunning good looks.



UK Champion
Junior Warrant
Stud Book Number

2 x Working Group 1
1 x Working Group 2
1 x Working Group 3

5 x Best Of Breed

7 x CC
5 x RCC

7 x Best Dog

1 x Best Puppy In Show
1 x Reserve Best Puppy In Show

2 x Working Group 1
3 x Puppy Group 1
2 x Puppy Group 2
1 x Puppy Group 3

3 x Best of Breed
7 x Best Puppy In Breed



  • Brad LKA 17 e
  • Brad LKA 17 d cube
  • Brad LKA 17 f cube
  • Brad LKA BOB 17 Cube
  • Brad slider 2k
  • Brad slider 2j
  • Brad slider 2e
  • Brad 3rd CC ad
  • Brad slider 2f
  • Brad slider 2g
  • Brad slider 2h
  • Brad Slider 1q
  • Brad slider 2a
  • Brad slider 2b
  • Brad Slider 1r
  • Brad Slider 1t
  • Brad Slider 1u
  • Brad Slider 1v
  • Brad Windsor 2016a
  • Brad Windsor 2016b
  • Brad Windsor 2016c
  • Brad Windsor 2016d
  • Brad slider 2d
  • Brad slider 1o
  • Brad slider 1p
  • Brad slider 1l
  • Brad slider 1n
  • Brad slider 1k
  • Brad 1st CC
  • Brad CC SC 2015
  • Brad Slider 1i
  • Brad Slider 1j
  • Brad for slider 2
  • Brad for slider 1
  • Brad Slider 1b
  • Brad Slider 1c
  • Brad Slider 1d
  • Brad Slider 1h
  • Brad Slider 1g
  • Brad Slider 1e
  • Brad Slider 1f


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